A 5 Step Beginner Guide to Yoga


This is every yogi’s escort to absorbing and adoring time on the mat.

When I first started, I had know idea what yoga was about. I thought ok getting stretchy on a mat, insert some alternative therapy, and om. In some respects, that’s how it goes. But behind the aesthetic headstands and cute bikini poses on instagram, is a wholesome conscious revolution. Here five tips that will help ease you into yoga practice:

Tip one: Let go of your ego

Use the mat as the place to peel off your ego. Explore integrity. Exercise confidence. Use your first few exhales to say goodbye to your looks, your pride or any negative amour propre. Rather than letting your mind run, accept that you’ve dedicated this time to practice. You are solo on your mat. Your mat is a space to be with yourself and no one/ nothing more. Don’t be shy, let yourself stumble and exhale.

Tip two: try out many classes and teachers

In time I discovered the teacher was key in what I could gain from a yoga class. Regardless, if you got lucky and fall in love from the first class I would advise you to try out other teachers and kinds of yoga. Balancing your practice will various styles will aid your learning and assist in finding your own style.

Tip three: be comfortable

Be relaxed. Wear comfortable clothing, bring warm socks, water, and sweat towel or essential oils, whatever.

Tip four: Arrive early

If you’re able to, squeezing more time before your practice can be a great way to ease into your ‘time out’. It can sometimes be hard to settle down and dedicate time for yourself. Use this time fully arrive and thank yourself for your commitment.

Tip five: Don’t skip Savasana

Savasana can be irritating, particularly when you have busy schedule. This asana should be a special moment of passive observation, where your efforts can be absorbed and a time to be present with yourself.


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